Is the Wetaskiwin Manluk Centre open?

The facility is open for household bookings only until further notice. This is to comply with the Provincial regulations that were updated April 7, 2021. Please note these bookings are reserved for City of Wetaskiwin and County of Wetaskiwin residents.

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1. Is the Wetaskiwin Manluk Centre open?
2. Do I need to wear a mask in the facility?
3. What hours is the facility open?
4. Can I drop-in to use the facility?
5. How do I book my visit?
6. What is a household rental?
7. Are the slides and the BoardRider open for household bookings?
8. Can I use my membership to book my visit?
9. Is Aquafit and lane swim available?
10. How much does it cost to use the Wetaskiwin Manluk Centre?