Field Closure

Field or Ball Diamond Closures

Poor weather conditions or unsafe field or ball diamond conditions are the primary reason for sports field closures. Most turf damage occurs with overuse of a field, or using it during inclement weather. In order to meet the demands of high quality fields and ensure a safe playing field, the weather forecast and field conditions are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that scheduled games and practices do not cause abnormal damage to field surface, jeopardize further scheduled use of fields, or compromise personal safety of league players or general public.

When a field or ball diamond is closed, it is the responsibility of sports team coaches or league presidents to ensure that fields are not played upon. It takes the efforts of every player, parent, and coach to help prevent damage and maintain satisfactory field/diamond conditions.

Any team that plays on a sport field that has been closed by the City of Wetaskiwin recreation department may be forfeiting the right to play on any sport field maintained by the City of Wetaskiwin for the remainder of the seasons.

Field and/or Diamond Closure Procedure

Fields are inspected weekly (or more frequently as needed) by recreation department for the following:

  • Standing water on field
  • Snow Pack
  • Frozen Field
  • Ongoing Field Repair

If any of these conditions occur, fields may be temporarily or permanently closed. The recreation department will endeavor to notify the general public by 4 p.m. Monday to Friday of any field or ball diamond closures.