Recall Petitions for City Council

Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA) lets citizens recall a Council member through a recall petition process. Any active notice of recall petitions are listed below. A notice of recall petition that has been published on this page has been deemed compliant by the City of Wetaskiwin. 

For more information on a specific recall petition please contact the representative recall petitioner directly. A representative petitioner must provide contact information for this purpose.

How to sign a recall petition

To sign a recall petition, contact the representative recall petitioner listed on current recall petitions. The City of Wetaskiwin is not involved in collecting signatures for petitions.

Current Recall Petitions 

The City of Wetaskiwin has received a notice of recall petition against Tyler Gandam. The notice of recall petition has been reviewed and deemed compliant. The 60-day signature collection period will begin on Monday, February 12, 2024, and will end on Friday, April 12, 2024.

A petition is considered sufficient if it includes signatures from a minimum of 40 per cent of the population in a ward (or city for the recall of a mayor). Only individuals who are eligible to vote for the elected official named in the notice of recall petition may sign the recall petition. This recall petition will be measured against a population total of 12,594, which will require a total of 5, 038 signatures to be considered sufficient.

For information on the active petition, please contact the representative recall petitioner.

Councillor Name Representative Recall Petitioner Notice of Recall Petition Date Received Signature Collection Period (60 Days) 
Tyler Gandam Debby Hunker 
Tyler Gandam Notice of Recall PetitionFeb. 8, 2024Feb. 12, to Apr. 12, 2024

Note: The information on this website is provided for the convenience of reference only. Recall petitions are subject to further requirements in the Municipal Government Act. Those who wish to submit a recall petition are advised to refer to the MGA regarding the full extent of requirements and obligations.