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Local Improvements
Local Improvement Plan
Missed the March 21 Local Improvement Plan Open House? Here is a video of the presentation and subsequent questions.

Did You Know?

Wetaskiwin City Council discussed the possibility of reclassifying certain roads under the Local Improvement Policy at their regular April 9th meeting, including 47 Street (from 49 Street to 40 Avenue) and Garden Meadows Drive. At the meeting, 47 Street was reclassified from an arterial roadway to a collector. There was also a lengthy discussion regarding the reclassification of Garden Meadows Drive, but ultimately Council voted in favour of it remaining a local roadway (as opposed to a collector roadway). Wetaskiwin City Council looked at many different factors before arriving at their decision, including examining the amount of residential and non-residential parcels along Garden Meadows Drive as well as traffic movements. While the City continues to monitor the traffic flow on Garden Meadows and 47 Street, the traffic count was not considered the defining factor in Council’s decision.

Local improvement levies are not a new concept, and are found in many municipalities. In fact, they were common practice in Wetaskiwin until 2005. Through the local improvement process, the City and property owners facilitate and support efforts to improve neighbourhood assets. Local improvement projects maintain or improve accessibility, and enhance appearance without burdening all the taxpayers with the full financial responsibility of improving these public spaces. 

Given the poor condition of many local roads and sidewalks, the City decided to initiate a local improvement plan to ensure that the necessary work could be completed within a reasonable time line. Regular taxes do not cover the expense of this work, as they are used to finance municipal operations and maintain the existing infrastructure, snow and ice control, sweeping and essential services (such as police and fire, etc.). It is important to note that the Municipal Government Act provides statutes for the administration of local improvements.