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One of our top priorities is the protection of public health. The quality of  Wetaskiwin’s tap water is extremely high: 99.9% of Wetaskiwin buildings meet or exceed all water quality parameters. Like most cities in North America, a small number of buildings in Wetaskiwin have a lead water service line.

The City of Wetaskiwin has conducted an ongoing tap water sampling program to assess the quality of water at the tap for those buildings with lead service pipes. The vast majority of buildings with these pipes were built prior to 1950. While the drinking water leaving The City of Wetaskiwin’s Water Treatment Plant is virtually lead free, lead may be present in some buildings due to its presence in the service connection line or in the buildings' plumbing systems containing lead, including solder and brass fittings.  

For more information please contact: Peter Pullishy | Utilities Coordinator 780-361-4436

View the FAQ's in regards to Lead Water Service Pipes.