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Local Improvements
Local Improvement Plan
Missed the March 21 Local Improvement Plan Open House? Here is a video of the presentation and subsequent questions.

Local improvements are projects that Council considers to be of greater benefit to one area within city than to the city as a whole. They were common practice locally until 2005, and many properties continue to pay for local improvements. This is a normal, legislated practice found in many municipalities across Canada.

The City of Wetaskiwin has been listening to your local improvement questions and inquiries, and we have collected information to share regarding some other communities that have a local improvement plan, and what it consists of (see below).

Community Utilities Roads Lanes Sidewalks Medians Curbs & Gutters Street Lights
Camrose X X X X X X

X X          X

Grande Prairie X
Medicine Hat X X X X
Ponoka X X X X X X
Red Deer X X X X


As you can see, the City of Wetaskiwin compares quite favourably to some other Albertan communities who have local improvement plans.
  • In Camrose, residents living along a route scheduled for local improvements must pay for the utilities, roads, lanes, sidewalks, medians, as well as the curbs and gutters. 
  • In Calgary, residents pay for lanes, sidewalks, medians, and the curbs and gutters. 
  • In Wetaskiwin, residents only pay for the road, sidewalks, and curbs and gutters through the Local Improvement Levy.

Through the local improvement process, the City and property owners facilitate and support efforts to improve neighbourhood assets. Local improvement projects maintain or improve accessibility, and enhance appearance without burdening all the taxpayers with the full financial responsibility of improving these public spaces. 

Given the current state of our roads, the City decided to re-initiate a local improvement plan to ensure that the necessary work could be completed within a reasonable time line. Regular taxes do not cover the expense of this work, as they are used to finance municipal operations and maintain the existing infrastructure, snow and ice control, sweeping and essential services (see the 'Did You Know' below for more info). It is important to note that the Municipal Government Act provides statutes for the administration of local improvements.

Did You Know?

Annual taxes go to the upkeep of existing infrastructure and services, such as:
  • In your city - police, fire and emergency services, recreational programs, bylaw services, maintenance of public spaces, disaster response services.
  • On the road - construction/maintenance of pedestrian pathways, traffic control, streetlights, street cleaning, snow removal, overlays, sidewalk replacement for safety and the extension of missing pieces.
  • In the environment - the collection of garbage, sustainable initiatives, and the care and management of parks and green spaces.

When a new development is built, the developer pays for all the initial infrastructure (not the City). Once a lot is purchased, some of the costs to repair this infrastructure are assumed by the property owner. As you’ll note in the graph above, our local improvement plan only requires property owners to fund the cost of the road,  sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The City of Wetaskiwin as a whole will fund the cost of the utilities, lanes, medians, and street lights for local improvements.