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Main Street Revitalization Project
Project Summary

On March 14, 2016 Council approved in principle the designs for Phase III and Phase IV of Wetaskiwin's Main Street Revitalization, which is being funded through Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grants provided by the Provincial Government. On June 1, 2016, Council awarded the tender for Phase IV of Main Street. 

Phase IV involves above and below ground construction from 48 Avenue to 47 Avenue, and include the installation of the roundabout at 47 Street. See a visual overview of Phase IV of the design by clicking

Want to learn more? The Province of Alberta has ample material on roundabouts - click
here to check it out! 

Call 780-246-7376 or email  for more information.

The Roundabout

The roundabout at the intersection of 47 Street and 50 Avenue (Main Street) is part of Phase IV of the Main Street revitalization. Roundabouts - long in use in Europe and elsewhere - are becoming increasingly common in Canada as they're proven effective tools to reduce accidents and move traffic efficiently. The benefits of a roundabout include:

  • Traffic moves at slower speeds - ideal for a school zone!
  • Fewer conflict points between pedestrians and motorists
  • Elimination of head-on collisions
  • 80% reduction in injuries
  • 40% reduction in total number of crashes

More information on roundabouts can be found by clicking 

Frequently Asked Questions

Roundabout vs. traffic circle - what's the difference?

A roundabout is a single lane of traffic proceeding in both directions around a central object. A traffic circle involves multiple lanes of traffic moving around a central object. Traffic circles can be confusing. Roundabouts are simple. We're putting in a roundabout, which is safer and less complicated for motorists than a four-way stop.  

How does a roundabout work in a school zone?

Very well! Roundabouts are ideal for school zones, as speeds are reduced and motorists have fewer conflict points with both pedestrians and other drivers. Roundabouts are being installed in school zones across Alberta, and to date are functioning well.

How will pedestrians cross in a roundabout?

Pedestrians cross in front of the roundabout in designated crosswalks. Because of the design, pedestrians have less contact with the road and are thus less likely to be impacted by vehicles.

Can larger vehicles go through the roundabout?

Yes! Larger vehicles (like school buses) can safely transit through the roundabout by making use of the ribbon in the centre of the intersection. 

How much is Phase IV going to cost?

Phase IV of Main Street was awarded on June 1 for 2.96 Million.

Why didn't the City just put in lights at the intersection?

Lights were considered but ultimately rejected at the 50 Avenue and 47 Street intersection for the following reasons:

  • Lights are less efficient at moving traffic
  • A roundabout is a safer traffic option - this is particularly important given that it's in a school zone
  • A lighted intersection would not be ideal for times of high traffic - particularly in the morning right before school and the afternoon right after school. This would lead to backups and inconveniences for both pedestrians and motorists.   

The roundabout is in front of a high school - aren't you concerned that kids are going to walk wherever?

We thought of that - design features are being put in to funnel traffic to the crosswalks and also limit the ability for students to jay-walk.

How many trees will be destroyed as part of this project?

Eight trees of varying levels of maturity will be felled in order to provide access for vehicles entering the roundabout at 47 Street.

Who's paying for this?

The Main Street Project is being funded through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grants from the Provincial Government.