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The assessment of your property is shown on the assessment notice which is sent out in March of each year.

Common Assessment Questions?
What is a property assessment?
Property assessment is the estimated market value of your property, which is then used to calculate property taxes.

What is market value?
Market value is the most probable price a property might be expected to realize if it sold on the open market (by a willing seller to a willing buyer). Assessors do not create your property value. The marketplace determines the value of your property, and that value is the basis for property assessment.

In determining property assessments, assessors use sales records of similar properties to determine values. An excellent way for property owners to look at property values in Wetaskiwin is to review the real estate section of the newspaper and speak with local real estate agents.

Why is Wetaskiwin using market value assessment?
It is agreed throughout North America that the market value assessment is the most fair and equitable way to assess a property's value. It ensures that homes with similar market values within the same neighbourhood and within the same city will pay similar property taxes.

Alberta was one of the last jurisdictions in North America to switch to market value assessment. The old assessment methods worked on an eight-year cycle and sometimes led to dramatic swings in property values. Market value assessment uses annual reassessments to minimize fluctuations.

How often are assessments completed?
Provincial legislation requires all municipalities to annually prepare a new assessment or evaluation for all properties located in each municipality at market value. Assessments are completed by July 1, prior to taxation.

What is mass appraisal?
Mass appraisal is the process of preparing assessments for a group of properties using standard methods, common data and allowing for statistical testing.

What can I do if I disagree with my assessment?
If you disagree with the assessment of your property please contact Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. and speak with Bob Daudlin, Regional Assessment Coordinator, toll free at 1-866-514-8783.

If after speaking with an assessor you still do not agree with your assessment, please speak with the assessor about the assessment appeal process. The assessment appeal deadline will be indicated on the front of the assessment and tax notices. It is important to note Section 460(6) of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26, RSA 2000 states "There is no right to make a complaint about any tax rate".

For a complaint to be heard by an Assessment Review Board, the complaint form must be completed and filed with the Assessment Review Board clerk along with the appropriate fee established by Council. If an Assessment Complaint is to be handled by an Agent, the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization form must also be filed.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form
Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form
Compliance Review Form
Assessment Appeal Fees

Assessment Appeals can be dropped off in person to:
Assessment Review Board Clerk
4705 - 50 Avenue

Assessment Appeals can be mailed to:
Assessment Review Board Clerk
PO Box 6210
Wetaskiwin, AB  T9A 2E9

Education Property Tax
The amount of education tax that each municipality must collect from property taxes is determined by the Provincial Government of Alberta. This amount is pooled and then distributed to all Alberta School Boards on an equal per-student basis. Education property taxes are not subject to control or evaluation by the City of Wetaskiwin and support both the public and separate school systems. All residential and non-residential property owners pay education property taxes.