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Archives FAQ

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1. What is the purpose of an archive?
2. What is the difference between an archive, a library and a museum?
3. Who can donate to the City of Wetaskiwin Archives and how?
4. Why do we need to keep old records?
5. Why are historical records available to the general public for research purposes?
6. Why do we need an archive when we have local residents and retired municipal employees who know the history of Wetaskiwin well?


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1. Can community organizations receive funding from FCSS for projects or programs?
2. Where can I find contact information for a community group or agency in the City?
3. What assistance is available for seniors in Wetaskiwin?
4. How do I contact the Wetaskiwin Handi-Van?

Manluk Centre FAQ

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1. What is the Manluk Centre: Wetaskiwin Regional Aquatics & Fitness?
2. Does my admission include both pool & fitness centre access?
3. What is a Flex Pass?
4. Is there an extra cost for fitness programs?
5. Can I get a tour of the fitness centre?
6. Can my child work out in the fitness centre?
7. Are lockers available for rent?
8. Is there an age restriction for the Board Rider?

Plastic Bag Bylaw

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1. As a business in the City of Wetaskiwin, should I stop ordering bags?
2. I re-use my plastic bags as garbage bags and dog waste bags, does the proposed ban mean that I will have to spend more money buying garbage bags and dog waste bags?
3. What kinds of bags will this bylaw ban?
4. I re-use my plastic bags as garbage bags, doesn’t that mean that the bag isn’t single-use?
5. What businesses are affected by the proposed ban?
6. Will biodegradable plastic bags be allowed?
7. Will businesses have to charge a fee for other types of checkout bags?
8. I have a large family and need many plastic checkout bags when I’m buying groceries for my family, do I have any practical alternatives to plastic bags?
9. I always forget my reusable bags at home or in my vehicle when I go shopping, what do I do?
10. I have a bunch of plastic checkout bags at home, could I use these for shopping trips?
11. How many times do I have to use my reusable bags to offset their carbon footprint?
12. How can I keep my reusable bags clean?
13. What happens if I forget to bring my reusable bags with me to the store?

Visitor FAQ

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1. Where is the Visitor Information Centre?
2. What is the population of Wetaskiwin?
3. Where is the Wetaskiwin Courthouse?
4. How many funeral homes are in Wetaskiwin?
5. How many schools are in Wetaskiwin?
6. How far from Edmonton is Wetaskiwin?
7. How far from Red Deer is Wetaskiwin?
8. Where is the Reynolds-Alberta Museum?
9. Is there an off leash dog park in Wetaskiwin?
10. Where is By-the-Lake Park?
11. How do I find a particular place of worship?
12. Where can I find a laundromat?
13. Where can I find a dry cleaner?
14. Are there public washrooms available?
15. Where can I access free WiFi?
16. Do you have an airport?
17. Where is the Recycling Centre?
18. Where is the RV Sani-dump located?
19. Where can I fill my RV with fresh water?
20. Where is the hospital?
21. Where can I find Wetaskiwin's Motor Vehicle Services?
22. Does Wetaskiwin have a farmer's market?
23. Where is the swimming pool?
24. Where can I find a drug store?
25. Where is the Drill Hall located?
26. Where can I find Wetaskiwin's Recreation Grounds?
27. Where is the Civic Centre (Twin Arenas)?
28. Where are the soccer fields?
29. What restaurants do you have in Wetaskiwin?