Service Distribution

Wetaskiwin is Working for Service Distribution


Why Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin is the perfect choice for those companies who are looking at creating their business, or are looking to expand. Wetaskiwin is working on growing our retail base due to popular demand, and as such it is one of our key industries. Here's a few reasons why Wetaskiwin is the right fit:

  • Thanks to Wetaskiwin being centrally located just outside of the Capital region in Alberta, the city finds itself in a prime location with easy access to major transportation corridors. 
  • The low cost of doing business in Wetaskiwin means businesses aren't dealing with certain overhead costs that are found in larger municipalities. 
  • Wetaskiwin's trading numbers speak for themselves. We have a primary trading area population of 50,264, and a secondary area population of 93,637. There's never a worry about finding customers here.