Citizen of the Month Award

About the Citizen of the Month Award

Our community benefits from the extraordinary efforts of many caring and involved residents. These individuals donate their time and energy to ensure Wetaskiwin remains a secure, connected, and inclusive community.

It is the desire and intent of the City of Wetaskiwin to recognize these exemplary citizens with a Citizen of the Month Award, to be presented by Mayor and Council at the last council meeting of each month. Nominations received will be reviewed by a selection panel on the day of the first council meeting each month.


For a nominee to be eligible for a Citizen of the Month award, the following criteria must be met: 

  1. The nominee must be proven to be a current resident of the City of Wetaskiwin.
  2. The sponsor, who is the person nominating the nominee, must provide a justification that demonstrates that the nominee has a history of exemplary citizenship and contribution to the betterment of Wetaskiwin's community. 
  3. Only individuals are eligible to be nominated (including youth, seniors, volunteers, and more). 
  4. The nominee must have given personal resources, such as time, money, or non-monetary aid that's resulted in observable improvements and/or contributions to Wetaskiwin's community. 

The following individuals are not considered to be eligible for a Citizen of the Month Award: 

  1. Current elected officials. 
  2. Past elected officials within one year of their last term as an elected official. 
  3. City of Wetaskiwin employees.
  4. Paid contractors. 

Submit a Nomination 

Do you know someone who deserves to be nominated to receive a Citizen of the Month Award? Submit a nomination form in one of the following ways: 

1. Complete the nomination form (fillable PDF) and submit it either by emailing it to, dropping it off in person at City Hall (4705 50 Ave) or mailing it to City of Wetaskiwin, re: Citizen of the Month Award, Box 6210, Wetaskiwin, AB, T9A 2E9. 

2. Complete the online Citizen of the Month nomination form and submit it through the website. 

Nominations must be received on the date of the first regular council meeting of each month by noon.