Recycling Centre

Recently, changes were made to the level of service at Wetaskiwin's Recycling Centre. This webpage contains information about the current services being offered at the City's recycling facility.

Hours of Access

The Recycling Centre is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Materials Accepted On-Site

The following materials can be dropped off at the Wetaskiwin Recycling Centre (located at 5707 - 51 Street, Wetaskiwin): 

  • Cardboard
    Cardboard must be flattened/broken down and placed in designated blue bins. 
  • Tin
    Tin dropped off must be rinsed and any labels removed.
  • Glass
    We do not recycle the glass received, but use it as a compacting material for our sanitary landfill. 
  • Shredded Office Paper 
    Shredded writing paper and white window envelopes must be removed from bags prior to being disposed of in the designated bin. 
  • Mix Paper 
    Types of mix paper accepted include: 
    • Photocopy paper 
    • Writing paper 
    • White window envelopes 
    • Cardboard milk cartons 
    • Clean food paper containers 
    • Paper bags 
    • Any fibre 
  • Newspaper 
    Magazines, flyers, and newspapers are accepted. 
  • Household Plastics 
    Please double check to ensure you are only disposing of the following plastics at the Recycling Centre: 
    • #1 
    • #2 
    • #5
  • Light Bulbs 
    All light bulbs must be recycled by being placed in the white shed so they can be collected and properly recycled. 
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
    Electronic waste can be disposed of at the Recycling Centre by placing it on the designated wooden pallet. The following items are accepted:

Electronics Expanded - Alberta Recycling

Materials Not Being Accepted On-Site

Below is a list of materials which are not being accepted at the Recycling Centre.

  • Compost & Branches 
    Residents can drop off their compost free-of-charge at the Sanitary Landfill

Will there be an attendant at the Recycling Centre? 

No, the Recycling Centre is now a self-service facility, meaning no attendant will be present at the facility. 

Who do I contact if I have a question or want to report that one of the bins is full? 

Please contact Wade Arnold, Waste Management Supervisor at: 

Work: 780.361.4427

Cell: 780.360.2374

Other Drop-Off Sites

  • The Wetaskiwin Bottle Depot (3810 48 Street) accepts pop bottles, juice containers and all milk containers.
  • Fountain Tire (4812 40 Avenue) accepts vehicle batteries.