After-Hours Emergencies

Please call 780-361-8035 immediately in the event of an after-hours emergency such as a water main break.


The Utilities Department utilizes the synergies of the corporation to provide water, wastewater, storm water, garbage collection and disposal, compost and recycling services for the citizens of Wetaskiwin. Several departments contribute to this end goal with some departments providing focused services dedicated to the utility function. The mandate of the department is to ensure that the City's infrastructure is developed and maintained in a cost-effective manner consistent with regulated safety standards.

Both departments in the Utilities group are funded entirely by charges on a customer's utility bill. The landfill is funded entirely by user fees (tipping charges), and the recycling centre is funded by a combination of residential utility charges, a 1% levy on the commercial tax base, and a County contribution.

The Utilities Department manages the following infrastructure 365 days per year:

  • Level III surface water treatment plant (produces 4,000 m3 of treated water per day)
  • Level II water distribution system (110 km of water mains, 4,500 individual service connections, and two reservoirs/pump houses)
  • Level II wastewater collection system (96 km of wastewater mains)
  • Level I wastewater treatment facility (includes two lift stations and treats up to 12,000 m3 per day)
  • 51 km of storm mains (425 catch basins)
  • One solid waste landfill
  • One recycling depot
  • Residential garbage pick-up from nearly 4,000 residents

Please call 780-361-4453 for more information.