Special Ballots

If you are unable to attend a physical voting station on Election Day or Advance Voting Day, you can request a special ballot for one of three reasons:

  • physical disability.
  • out of jurisdiction (studying or working away from their place of ordinary residence, or vacationing during the election period).
  • are a candidate or working as an election worker.

How do I receive a Special Ballot?

You can request a Special Ballot:

  • In person: Wetaskiwin City Hall, 4705 50 Avenue
  • By email: elections@wetaskiwin.ca
  • By telephone: 780.361.4400
  • By fax: 780.352.0930
  • In writing: City of Wetaskiwin, 4705 50 Avenue, Box 6210, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 2E9

Only the elector choosing to vote by Special Ballot can make the request. The request cannot be made by another individual on the elector's behalf and only one Special Ballot will be issued to an individual. The Special Ballot package can be picked up from Reception at Wetaskiwin City Hall or can be mailed/dropped off, if requested by the elector.

The City will maintain a Special Ballot Elector Register to track how many packages have been issued and to whom. The register will collect the following details: name of elector, address of elector, contact phone number or email, and reason for requesting a Special Ballot. The register will be securely kept and made available to a candidate's official agent or scrutineer if requested.

Completing and returning the Ballot

Each Special Ballot package contains:

  • Form 24 — Special Ballot Voting Instruction
  • Form 25 — Special Ballot Certificate
  • List of voter identification requirements
  • Outer mailing envelope
  • Special Ballot Certificate envelope
  • A Ballot

Step-by-step instructions are included in the package; please follow them carefully. The elector must complete and sign Part 1 of the Special Ballot Certificate Envelope, provide a photocopy of authorized identfication, and mark their ballot appropriately.

It is up to the elector to return the completed Special Ballot package. The elector may return the package in person, by mail, courier or by other means. The Special Ballot cannot be sent to the elector nor returned to the Returning Officer by facsimile or other electronic means.

The Returning Officer is not responsible for the collection of completed Special Ballot packages. 

By law, Special Ballot packages that are incorrect or incomplete, or received after the close of polls, will not be counted. Special Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, August 15, 2023.


Any questions regarding Special Ballots or the municipal election can be directed to Wetaskiwin's Returning Officer:

Ahsan Ahmed
Returning Officer
p: 587.710.3519