Business Visitation Program

The City of Wetaskiwin’s Business Visitation Program (BVP) is an in-person or online meeting with the City’s Economic Development staff. The program aims to improve communication between the local business community and City representatives, creates opportunities to improve processes, and helps facilitate business retention and growth. 

The objectives of the program are to:

  • say "thanks!" for locating your business in Wetaskiwin; 
  • learn more about you and your business.( What’s your unique story? Why did you locate your business in Wetaskiwin? What makes you stay?);
  • understand how we can help your business grow or address existing and anticipated challenges: and
  • connect you with business resources available locally, regionally, provincially and/or federally. 

The information gathered from visitations will help us better understand broader economic challenges, needs, and opportunities that local businesses are facing. This information will be considered when updating and developing policies, procedures, and future plans. Although broader themes and feedback from the visitations will be reported on annually, information related to individual businesses will remain confidential. 

Whether your business is large or small, we encourage you to reach out and participate our Business Visitation Program. Please email or call 780-361-4407. 

We hope to meet you soon!