Regional Community Safety and Wellbeing

As the City we share, Wetaskiwin recognizes the imperative of working beyond our municipal borders to address community safety and wellness concerns being experienced across the region. This is why we have spearheaded a regional Community Safety and Wellbeing Steering Committee which includes representation from the City of Wetaskiwin and partner agencies, the County of Wetaskiwin, and Maskwacis. 

Regional Community Safety and Wellbeing Steering Committee

This steering committee will oversee many other important elements to a community’s well-being, including the Guiding Coalition on Homelessness, the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, and more. Building capacity through regional collaboration results in resource-sharing—drastically improving the likelihood of our region successfully overcoming the challenges plaguing us all today.

Current members of this steering committee are listed below (alphabetically by last name). We have invited other representatives to attend, and will add their names as they confirm their involvement.

  • Allison Adams-Bull
    Administrator, Louis Bull Tribe
  • Dean Billingsley
    Councillor, City of Wetaskiwin
  • Jeff Chipley
    Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, County of Wetaskiwin
  • Keith Durance
    Chief Inspector, Wetaskiwin RCMP
  • Paul Edginton
    GM of Community & Protective Services, City of Wetaskiwin
  • Ren Goode
    Communications Manager, City of Wetaskiwin
  • Misty Griffith
    Executive Director, Wetaskiwin FCSS
  • Gina Longjohn
    DEM / Chief Operations Officer, Montana First Nation
  • Heather Pratt
    Enforcement Services Admin / Watch Clerk, City of Wetaskiwin
  • Jeanette Walker
    Alberta Health Services
  • Lynn Ware
    Board Chair and Trustee, Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools
  • Dale Woitt
    Councillor, County of Wetaskiwin

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Guiding Coalition on Homelessness

Wetaskiwin FCSS has spearheaded a Guiding Coalition on Homelessness to encourage inter-agency representation and collaboration to further the work being done to end homelessness locally.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Wetaskiwin's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was created to assess the community's level of inclusion. Identified gaps in diversity and inclusion are reviewed by the task force, and strategies developed to bridge these gaps.