Planning & Development Services

Planning & Development

Planning and Development follows the direction of Council and existing planning documents (statutory plans) to oversee how development occurs within Wetaskiwin

Building & Development Permits

The City of Wetaskiwin issues development and building permits for all construction within city limits. Permits are required to ensure that all work completed will conform to the construction and safety standards that have been accepted under the Safety Codes Act, and that the inspection(s) will be provided by certified safety codes officers.

Permits are processed upon receipt of permit fees. Development and building permits should be submitted to the City of Wetaskiwin. Information regarding building permits can be found on the Superior Safety Codes website or give them a call at 1-403-358-5545. Electrical, gas, and plumbing are processed through Superior Safety Codes Inc.

No work can commence until the permits have been reviewed and approved. Failure to comply can result in double fees, as well as violation enforcement fees.

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Development Services:
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Located at North Entrance of City Hall (4705 - 50 Avenue)
Hours of Operations: 

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Manager of Planning and Engineering:

Andrew Chell. RPP, MCIP


Development Services:

Select from the following services:

  1. Permits, Development, & Construction
  2. Home-Based Business
  3. Compliance Certificates
  4. Subdivision
  5. Land Use Bylaw and Zoning Amendments
  6. Environmental Rebate Programs
  7. Occupancy/Damage/Grading Fee Refund
  8. Vendor Permits
  9. Temporary Patio Permits

Permits, Development, & Construction:

This section contains information for Development, Building/Electrical/Gas/Plumbing Permits, Demolition, Access to City Property Permits, and Change of Use Permits.

How to apply for a Permit:

Step 1. Determine what zoning district your property resides in.

Step 2. Determine if your proposed project is Permitted or Discretionary

  • Once you know your zoning district, review the Land Use Bylaw to find the specific regulations that apply to your zoning district. 
  • Permitted Uses are Uses that are allowed within the zoning District. Whereas, Discretionary Uses are allowed at the discretion of the Development Authority. Discretionary uses may or may not be compatible with neighbouring Uses. 
  • For more information, review the Land Use Bylaw  page.

Step 3. Download Permit Package and Submit to Development Services 

  • Permit Packages are found below. Click the link to obtain a PDF package for your specific development. The permit package can either be filled out digitally or printed and completed by hand. 
  • Development and building permit applications must be in a PDF format if submitted via e-mail. Completed digital applications can be e-mailed to
  • Hard copies applications are still accepted in-person at City Hall, by mail, or the after-hours drop box. 
Note: For any inquiries on locating Utility Lines within the City of Wetaskiwin, please visit the Line Locates webpage

Select your project to obtain the Permit Application Package:

Permit Application Packages include the Development Permit, Building Permit, and all other relevant information.

Residential Applications 

  1. Additions
  2. Accessory Building (Shed, garage, tent structure, carport, etc.)
  3. Basement Development / Home Renovations
  4. Decks
  5. Fence
  6. Hot Tub/Swimming Pool
  7. Secondary Suite
  8. Fireplace & Wood Burning Unit

New Construction

  1. Residential
  2. Manufactured Homes

Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, & Private Sewage Permits 

Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, & Private Sewage Permits are directly submitted to Superior Safety Codes. Applications can be submitted via e-mail ( For more information, call 403.358.5545

  1. Electrical Permit
  2. Gas Permit
  3. Plumbing Permit
  4. Private Sewage Permit

Non-Residential Applications

  1. New Construction (Commercial, Industrial & Institutional)
  2. Additions
  3. Renovations
  4. Fence

Variance Application

  1. Variance Application

Additional Applications

  1. Demolition 
  2. Asbestos
  3. Access to City Property Permit
  4. Building Permit
  5. Development Permit

Change of Use 

  1. Change of Use Application
Change of use permits are required for businesses that are moving their business into a new location and the proposed business has a Use type that is different from the existing Use type. (Ex. a retail business would require a change of use permit if the new business location was previously a restaurant.)

 The change of use permit reviews parking and land use regulations required by the land use bylaw and ensures that businesses meet the requirements. 

Fee Schedule 

  1. Development Fee Schedule
  2. Building Permit Fee Schedule

Sign Permit Application

  1. Sign Permit Application